Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Project Contour

When I was in highschool, many moons ago, I used to love the freedom and mishaps of contour drawings. Recently I've started filling up a tiny book full of them, but forgive me for the terrible scans, I have no patience for the frustrations of scanners at the moment. Enjoy...

 Pepito sitting on the computer
 Fat Ellis
 Narada plays the trumpet

 Staring competition
 Schina plays Xbox
 Ugly foot
 Narada after shower
 Hands with controller

 Smug as fuck kitty

New & Old

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Thursday, 12 April 2012


I wanted to experiment with a collage self portrait , and experiment I did. It didn't go how I planned, but I ended up having lots of fun and turning my breasts into toadstools (mushrooms?).

And what I actually look like :

Work spaces

I have a lot of trouble being organised, but seeing as my "studio" is in the middle of my boyfriend and my room I have had to learn some techniques. Hanging inspiration and collected scraps of paper up seems to help, plus its not all over the floor.

Monday, 19 March 2012


Artwork for Yoseidon ( aka Ry) check him out at http://yoseidonmusic.bandcamp.com/ , he is one cool cat and worth looking out for.

The pieces are more or less unfinished as I'm hoping that via the mighty and powerful internet my pal Rosie will help me make them beautiful.

Pieces of Australia

All my new work is inspired by the fact I haven't done any new work in a long while. But today was incredibly productive, even if it was just me gluing things together . Most of these pieces are made from the found images in photo journals of Australia and Western Australia . These are my new favourite found materials to use as the Australians just don't look like what they used to, and the people and places I've used remind me so much of home ( Donnybrook W.A) that I can't help hacking them into pieces. So enjoy! Hopefully more to come soon, very soon.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Productivity is the best inspiration

Sometimes I find when I commit to a project , no matter how small, the ideas I have out race my abilities. But yesterday after committing to this ( letting people other than myself see my art) I couldn't stop cutting and pasting. So thanks , you know who you are, for the support and love. Many more pieces and the Yoseidon project to come.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Cutting and pasting myself together.

These last few months have bred productivity for me and led to great opportunities art wise.
This said, its finally time for me to make a blog simply for my art alone. 
Its going to be rough and hideous at first as I try to figure out what I want from this, who its aimed at and how much I should expose. ( let alone learning to make something representing me as an artist opposed to my frivolous tumblr )

So here goes. Here are some of the collages I've made in the last three months or so, somehow being born out of moving house and moving into and out of a studio space.

 Mock up for Yoseidon
 Mock up for Yoseidon
 Mock up for Yoseidon
 Mock up for Yoseidon
 Mock up for Yoseidon